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Metal-Ceramic Electromagnetostrictive Nanocomposites for Magnetoelectric Nonreciprocal Impedance Inverter

PI: Shashank Priya
Co-PI: Dwight Viehland


In this program, we will synthesize a multifunctional material which: 
   I. posses electromagnetostriction, 
   II. exhibits magnetoelectricity, 
   III. works as non reciprocal impedance inverter, 
   IV. displays high mechanical and corrosion strength, 
   V. responds to vibrations and magnetic field, and 
   VI. communicates with any current flowing circuit.

This is possible by using a magnetostrictive and conductive metal – layer in the nanocomposite In spite of the promise of large ME properties in elastically coupled nano-composites, experimental investigations for a number of configurations have not yielded values approaching that predicted by continuum mechanics. The research proposed in this program offers a unique direction, and presents the possibility of a direct mechanism to couple an electric field to magnetostriction. In conjunction with TEM, nano-beam electron diffraction and X-ray energy-dispersive spectroscopy (EDAX) with a probe size down to a few nanometers will be employed to investigate the role of the metallic layer in the formation of the domain structures and its influence on their mutual adaptivities under applied fields. An important question that will be answered in this program is related to the understanding of grain size effects in the nanometer range on the macroscopic properties. Investigation of the electromagnetostriction coefficients at a microstructural scale will be done using (i) electrical force microscopy, and (ii) a modified magnetic-force microscopy (MFM) probe.

NSF.jpg This program is sponsored by NSF DMR – Metals

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